The scrap company, Hettinger Schrott GmbH, founded by Karl Hettinger in the year 1930, recycles metallic waste of all kinds.

After the world war II, the company was moved to the Rheinau harbour. The only place that had a few cranes which could load and upload ships at that time. Today we dispose off the goods via roads, rail and ships. Our production site is approximately 18.000 m²

The sons and current managing directors of Hettinger Schrott GmbH, Dipl. Ing. Frieder and Dipl.Kfm.Hanno Hettinger have made the means of transport environment friendly, by constructing waste bunkers right at the harbour basin. This is where the steel debris are stored before being loaded into the ships, then later transported to the steel mill. The carrying capacity of 1500 m³, is equivalent to one fully loaded ship.

Hettinger has specialized in recycling of heavy scrap and nonferrous wastes so that they can be used in the European foundry and steel industry as secondary raw materials. Shear with 1.000 T cutting force enables the processing of steel with dimension of 4,0 m x 9,0 m and a thickness of 12 cm without pre-cutting.

The catchment area of the company has a radius of over 150 km around Mannheim.