With the help of our efficient workers and sophisticated machines, the scrap metal dealers, Hettinger Schrott GmbH manufactures products for the European foundry and steel industry, which are used as raw materials for iron and steel production. The major products are:


The secondary raw material for the European foundry industry, produced in different qualities, such as cupola furnace scrap, in dimensions of 40 cm x 40 cm, 80 cm x 80 cm, colorless and produced from new material.

E3 scrap

Heavy industry and demolition waste in accordance to European scrap Register E3.

E1 scrap

This is a lighter scrap according to the European scrap E1 free from nonferrous metals for European consumers and is in export quality.

Casted scrap 3a

In the program we have trade cast and cast iron of different qualities.

Electric cable scrap

We deal with all types of non-ferrous scrap metal, such as electric cables.