Scrap recycling is circular economy of the first hour! Long before the Recycling Management Act was passed, the scrap and metal trading company Eberhard Mayr GmbH & Co KG recognized the economic importance of this valuable material for the region and committed itself to the motto "recycling before disposal".

Today, we obtain a wide variety of scrap from industry, construction, trade and commerce, which, after sorting and processing in accordance with the usual quality requirements, is supplied to steel mills and foundries as input material.



We take on steel scrap, alloyed scrap and non-ferrous metals of all types and transport, store, collect and sort these materials for further recycling. As a certified waste management company, we always act in accordance with the highest quality and environmental standards.

From aluminum to zinc, Schrott- und Metallhandel Eberhard Mayr GmbH & Co KG transports the complete range of primary and secondary raw materials in all required material grades and qualities that meet the high specifications of our end users.



The recycling of metal scrap is now of enormous economic importance and contributes greatly to the protection of the environment. Since these secondary raw materials can be recycled almost indefinitely, industrial needs are already increasingly being met from professionally processed metal scrap.

Die Schrott- und Metallhandel Eberhard Mayr GmbH & Co KG bezieht ihre Materialien aus verschiedensten Industriezweigen wie der Automobilindustrie, dem Maschinenbau, Werkzeugbau, der Stanz- & Fügetechnik, Bauindustrie sowie aus dem Handwerk und betreibt mit diesen Materialien oder Sekundärrohstoffen nationalen und internationalen Handel.


  • mixed scrap
  • Shredded scrap
  • sheet-metal scrap
  • heavy scrap
  • steel chips
  • cast steel
  • electronic waste (e-scrap)


  • non-ferrous metals
  • aluminum
  • copper
  • stainless steel
  • lead
  • zinc
  • tin
  • Hard metals
  • HSS chips

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